New Project by A-Cero in Madrid Playing with Concrete Volumes

New Project by A-Cero in Madrid Playing with Concrete Volumes

We just received one of A-Cero‘s recent projects, located in the outskirts of Madrid. Here is the description from the architects; “The project is intended to respond to customer needs in terms of distribution, placement and surface. Housing is developed on 3 levels. We sought the perfect functioning of housing in relation to the needs of the property. Turning the main rooms of the communal areas of the development, looking for a better use of the views and use of free plot surface were the main concerns. Concrete is the material of the facade. Access to basement can be done either from the main area of the house or from the garage directly. We can see  two areas, the swimming pool, sports facilities, relax and movies,  area of service work, ; direct access was given from the garage which was connected to the ground floor through a staircase landing in the dealer’s work area. In the central area and connected to the garage are the storage stands, without direct lighting and ventilation. The formal solution has been the result of an aesthetic look for categorical volume playing with their own heights and shapes and the surrounding environment”


  • A-Cero on Freshome01
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