Charming Turn of the Century Duplex with Modern Decorations

Charming Turn of the Century Duplex with Modern Decorations

Welcome to a beautiful turn of the century apartment decorated in a warm, cozy and tasteful Scandinavian style ! Totalizing 92 square meters (3,5 rooms), this amazing looking duplex features tall windows with deep niches, a ceiling height of 3.15 meters, renovated kitchen and an all-equipped bathroom. Add an additional floors downstairs with large windows, a vault of brick and individual entrance from the courtyard and you may get a glimpse of how living in this apartment could be like. The bottom floor(first photos) is reachable partly via a staircase from the kitchen one floor up, partly through its own entrance door from the backyard. A small staircase of oak leads you further up to a studio and a large bedroom. A charming open bedroom and an artists’ studio are the salt and pepper of this lovely crib. Check out the photos below and the plans for further details.



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