Customisable and Ever-Changing Cabinet: Blackboard by Peter Jakubik [Video]

Customisable and Ever-Changing Cabinet: Blackboard by Peter Jakubik [Video]

Blackboard is a unique and intuitive cabinet design by Bratislavan designer Peter Jakubik. Counting on the need of constantly changing the surrounding environment, the designer created a versatile cabinet that can be both an inspiring object and a source of inspiration for your guests. Whether you choose to adorn it with patterns or hand-drawn portraits, or you want to keep your shopping list handy, the Blackboard cabinet found on WeHeart allows you to have fun with its ever-changing facade. The chalkboard cabinet is a green storage facility made from MDF, easy to clean and draw on, so besides having your artistic side exposed all the time, you can also have fun and remember those easy childhood days when you had nothing else to do but create. Enjoy the video below for a glimpse into the possibilities brought by the Blackboard.

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