Unusual Push and Store Cabinet Expands When it is Used

Unusual Push and Store Cabinet Expands When it is Used

Push and Store cabinet was designed by Chung-Tang Ho and emphasizes on a revolutionary idea: furniture that has the ability to expand as it fills up. After all, why keep furniture around, if the shelves are empty? Found on OhGizmo!, the shape-shifting cabinet however doesn’t come with shelves or drawers, but instead features tiny volumes that move forward once objects are pushed inside. It can store just about anything, as long as the objects are not higher or wider than the actual “cupboard”.¬† The design could be used as a miniature bookcase or a CD case, it is all up to the user and his storing needs. Once the objects are pulled back, the cabinet takes its “normal” shape, making room for other items. We have to say we were captured by this odd idea and hope to see other similar designs in the future.


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