How to Maximize your Interior Views with Outdoor Landscaping

How to Maximize your Interior Views with Outdoor Landscaping

Have you ever realized the most pleasurable rooms in your house to be in are those that have beautiful views of the outside? While we think that plants and landscaping is strictly for the outdoors, remember they are admired from the inside of your home as well. Whether you live in a home surrounded by wooded land, beach or if you live on the corner of a busy intersection, your interiors can be maximized by the outdoor view.  Here are some tips for improving your interiors with outdoor landscaping in mind.

  • Before you plant, come inside: If you are considering landscaping your exterior grounds, plan the outdoor space from the inside too. Often times we plan out our exterior, buy the plants, and even plant them before we come inside our home and look outside. Come inside your home and be mindful of views you don’t want to block with large bushes and trees, or views you want to enhance with a flowering shrub. Remember one exterior landscaping area may have three or four different rooms that view it, the more advanced planning you do, the happier you will be with your decision.
  • Let your exterior rule your colors inside: For many homes, a glass window wall in the living room is no different than having a wall painted full of one color. A home overlooking the ocean should consider the gentle sand color and dreamy blues in their interiors as well. Even though your view and landscaping don’t have to match your interiors, the amount of view to the outdoors should come into your color decision making inside. For views that are vibrant and bright, consider using more neutrals in your interiors to bring focus to your fabulous vista views.
  • Extend your interiors outside: If the current layout of your home doesn’t allow for seeing enough of the outdoors, bring your interiors, outdoors. Sunrooms, conservatories, porches, and outdoor rooms are a great way to bring nature upfront and personal without disrupting the flow of your current floor plan. Landscaping in the form of planters, fountains and potted plant areas can bring greenery to your interiors, while still enjoying the feeling of being outdoors. If you are on a budget, try screening in your current porch to enjoy a feeling of the outdoors, while still feeling an ‘interior’ feel to your surroundings.
  • Open up your space with greenery: For many homes, the ability to bring the outdoors in is being hindered by heavy drapery, dark colors, and blocked views. Greenery can be enjoyed on the inside of your home, but will still need ample light and so do you! As an excuse to open up your space, plant greenery outside your windows, and place potted plants on the inside of your rooms. This will create a unified bond between the outdoors and the indoors, while bringing greenery to each corner of your home.

Your interiors are waiting for you to take advantage of your outdoor greenery areas. Another good idea for adding visual interest to your interiors is to use ground cover or climbing vines for areas that are an eyesore. If you live in an urban area, or view unsightly brick walls, consider using window boxes outside of your windows for plants. If your bedroom window looks out onto an unsightly neighbor, plant a trellis with climbing ivy, before you know it, the inside of your home will feel like a paradise!

Freshome reader’s how do you transform your interiors with exterior greenery? We’d love to hear your comments.


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    Plants and views of nature are food for the soul. It is so important to incorporate them into your home design.

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