Comfortable and Minimalist Cube-Shaped Home with Modern Features

Comfortable and Minimalist Cube-Shaped Home with Modern Features

Today we showcase an interesting residence, which stands at the border between functionality and minimalism. The inhabitant wanted to live in an open space, with enough furniture to meet all the modern living requirements, bright and comfortable. Designed by Robert Gurney Architect and built in Bethesda, Maryland, the home replaces an old, larger structure because the client wanted a space used to its full potential, instead of a cluttered home. Measuring 2,200 square feet, with an additional panoramic outdoor living space of 1,100 square feet on the flat roof, the cube shaped home takes advantage of the surrounding landscape while ensuring privacy. Found on Archdaily, the dwelling has a beautiful, modern charcoal facade that is in perfect harmony with the neighbourhood.  The interior design matches the client’s wishes: modern and de-cluttered, environmentally conscious and comfortable. Walnut flooring and white walls offer the perfect base for the modern furniture, decorations and art and complete the interiors with the same bold influence of the architect’s vision.


  • nan January 27, 2011 at 04:35 AMLogin to Reply →

    I think this is stunning……….

  • Daniehl January 31, 2011 at 06:00 AMLogin to Reply →

    Beautiful open living spaces for sure. Certainly minimalist and futuristic evocative furniture, as well. But, sorry, not small . . . or even smallish. 1100 square feet is the size of my ranch-style bungalow. My full basement has three bedrooms and largish shared areas. We should worry when 2200 square feet is described as “environmentally conscious”. Two floors plus basement and roof area are certainly a step in that direction on that footprint and lot size. Also, I’m not sure that I would describe the charcoal exterior and cube shape as “in perfect harmony with the neighborhood.”