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Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

Fire with Fire is a remarkable art project from Isabelle Hayeur put to practice in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. What you see in the photos and video below is actually a site-specific video installation, created with the help of video projectors and 3 blu-ray players. Here is more information from the artist: “In 1886, soon after the city was incorporated, the Great Vancouver Fire swept down on the neighborhood’s and razed almost all of it to the ground. The video installation Fire with Fire recalls this troubled period of Vancouver’s history. It also alludes to the neighborhood present conditions by  reminding us that many lives have been consumed there, worn down by years of homelessness, drug use, street prostitution, and violence.” Be sure to check out the video at the end of the post for a general idea. What we find odd is the fact that people walk by, notice the fire, yet they continue untroubled. Part of the typical modern city attitude, we figured.- via w ooh ome

fond Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

fond02 Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

fond01 Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

fire03 Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

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3 responses to “Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire” - Add yours!

  1. JayNL said:
    January 6, 2011

    Lol, didn’t that get attention from a lot more people?

  2. Bronwyn said:
    January 6, 2011

    I’ve bussed through that stretch of East Hastings several times when visiting a friend in Vancouver. The scene that defined the neighbourhood for me was what used to be a grand old bank on a corner, very classical stone architecture, tons of detailing. The windows were all boarded up and there were plywood barriers around it. It was half-ruined and completely covered in graffiti. Dozens of street people of various kinds were hanging around it like an open-air market, most of the merchandise probably illegal. It was like an open festering sore on the skin of the city, and it made me want to cry because of how clear it was that nobody cared about these people or this place; they had all been left to go to hell in their own ways.

    So I’m not surprised that people just walk by the fire installation unperturbed — that’s East Hastings, is all.

  3. KaBoomBOX said:
    January 6, 2011

    This probably created more of a reaction in the neighborhood when it was first installed, but it’s obvious from comparing the first photo to the video that this has been here for weeks, if not months (the hotel next door has been almost completely remodeled). People are so used to this now, the building could catch fire for real now and no one would probably notice.

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