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Exotic Hawaii Retreat with Astonishing Features and Amazing Views

If you ever dreamed of visiting Hawaii, now there is one more reason: an amazing architectural retreat that will have you feel relaxed and at ease if you choose to rent the property named Hale Kana Kohola. Situated in Big Island, Hawaii, the retreat features 4 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and an additional 2 bathrooms, […]

Functional TV-Audio Furniture with a Chic and Minimalist Appearance

Designed by Ronald Knol for Odesi, this stylish TV-audio furniture perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. Here is a description of the project sent to us by Odesi: The RKNL Audio leaves equipment up front (TV on top, audio underneath) and out in the open for easy access, while tucking away all those unseemly cables and […]

IKEA Parisian Saga Continues with 12 Bus Shelters Turned into Livingrooms

If you thought IKEA”s ingenious advertising strategy in Paris stopped at showcasing furniture in high-traffic metro-stations, wait till you see this season’s campaign!  According to the company’s press release,  IKEA continues to improve the everyday life of the Parisians, by ‘transforming bus shelters into small cozy lounges. An innovative break at this period of crazy […]

Delightfully Bright Apartment Expresses Love for Small Spaces

Today we came across an ingenious apartment design on Stadshem. All the elements gathered by the designers that worked on creating the interiors of this home produce an overwhelming feeling of luxurious living. The white walls in each room are accentuated by elements that enhance their simplicity: dark beams running through the ceilings, a wallpaper […]

Christmas Decoration in the Homes of Freshome Readers

It’s our favorite time of year and the holidays means sharing and bringing in holiday touches to your home.  We’d love to see what ideas you have planned for your family and friends! We are trying something new this year at Freshome, we see how much you enjoy holiday decor, and we’d love for you […]

Ingenious Storage Locker Hidden in a Fake Support Column

For today we decided to showcase this brilliant storing solution from Sophie Mense: a capacious locker concealed in a support column. The incredible “product” consists of two distinct elements, an elegant Cedar wood cabinet and a Carrara marble pedestal which can be moved around in order to access the locker more easily. Here are some […]

Fresh and Colorful Furniture Set: Imaginatio Collection by Cristian Zuzunaga

Imaginatio is a vivid furniture collection designed by Cristian Zuzunaga in collaboration with Christophe Delcourt. Christian though that it would be interesting to “dress-up” a range of sofas, chairs and beds displaying an appealing fabric which has an intriguing pixelated effect. According to the designer, this was obtained from the willingly achieved deformation and expansion […]

How to Make Everyday Items Double as a Side Table

Regardless of the amount of space you have, or the décor of your room, a side table can always be used. Whether it’s to set your drink down or hold your favorite lamp, side tables or even coffee tables are being made from everyday items that are creative and functional! From books to old vintage […]

Delightful Family Crib with a Warm and Friendly Atmosphere : Fallen Maples

Gelotte Hommas completed the Fallen Maples Home in Issaquah, Washington. Here is the official description from the architects: “Nestled into a large forested site, this home takes environmental sensitivity to a new level.  Not only does it utilize the typical methods – ground-loop heat pump, extensive use of recycled products, excellent job-site management and a […]

Home of an Interior Designer with Rafael De Cardenas

Ever wondered how the home of an interior designer looks like? Well here’s your chance to take a virtual tour of Rafael De Cardenas’s crib, a highly creative one-bedroom apartment located in Manhattan. According to the description we received via e-mail, “the current setup is more a result of accumulation than decoration. The interiors are […]

Globe Bench with Swarovski Crystals, a Comfortable Addition for a “Sexy Home”

Globe Bench was created by designers Dana Solomon and Sherry Joniff Solomon for 22 BOND ST, a company whose motto is living well with elegance, luxury and ferocity in a “home sexy home”. This elegant furniture piece certainly has an alluring shape, especially when it comes to taking some time off for relaxation. According to […]

Impressive use of Space and Concrete in A-cero`s Galicia House

Another amazing home by A-cero drew our attention. This next architectural jewel, built in Galicia, reminds us of a fortress with majestic interior and exterior design. Breathtaking to say the least, the home was built on a 2.000 m2 terrain. The architects  used the rough terrain as inspiration when building the house from cubic blocks […]

Contemporary Family Crib Merging Hormony and Refinement

Stanley Tham, chief designer for KNQ Associates has recently completed a lovely modern family apartment located at the The Tropica, Singapore. We received a revealing project description from the developers:  “As Leonardo da Vinci puts it, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Nowhere is that more true than in designing a home. We like to think […]

10 Ways to Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas time is a great time to enjoy beautiful colors and enjoy friends and family around your home. This year, why not add eco-friendly practices to many of your family rituals, décor and entertaining? Eco-friendly and natural décor will bring your home an organic holiday touch, while preserving the festive nature of the season. Before […]

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