Fresh Alternative to Urban Living: Lake LBJ Retreat by Dick Clark Architecture

Fresh Alternative to Urban Living: Lake LBJ Retreat by Dick Clark Architecture

Lake LBJ Retreat was designed by Dick Clark Architecture and is located near Marble Falls, Texas, on a peninsula that used to be a private fish camp in the last decades of the 20th century. A peaceful and modern way to escape the racket of urban living, the residence is conveniently built in proximity to the water and makes the most of the surrounding views. Here is some information from the architects: “After spending some time in an existing house on the land our clients decided to create a new space that supported their evolving lifestyle. Wind patterns and the existing tree canopy were crucial influences on the project’s design development. Exterior circulation paths and separate living spaces encourage a connection with the outdoors.  Project materials include cast in place concrete, ipe siding and Rheinzink metal siding.” Be sure to take a close look at this home’s interior arrangements and enjoy the positive energy they inspire!

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