Cool Reading Corner with Original Storage System

Cool Reading Corner with Original Storage System

Not too long ago, we wrote a Freshome post where we presented 35 cozy reading corners making it easy to enjoy every book to the fullest. Here is another idea that could be listed there. With a slightly different style, but an intriguing one nonetheless, the Book lounge chair comes from designer Jean Francois d’Or and displays a cool shape. The uncommon product occupies little space has built-in storage for books and magazines. The designer took advantage of the fact that the tight area between the backrest and seat is usually left out (at most it is filled with lost objects such as pencils or coins).  This way a creative and practical idea for storing was born. But this chair is not just functional. With a flashy orange appearance it manages to brighten up a room and create a cheerful environment, perfect for a good read.

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    This reading corner with original storage system surely fits both for home and office use. The color surely complements any interior designs. It has dual purpose tough – both used for sitting and storage solution. This furniture fits the office lobby. It is quite suitable to people waiting for their turn for transacting business. They can both read and rest while waiting.