Innovative Outdoor Design: The Hopper Table and Seat from Extremis

Innovative Outdoor Design: The Hopper Table and Seat from Extremis

Here is a highly practical table design that could be of help when planning a picnic. The Hopper Table and Seat comes from Extremis, a Belgian company specialized in outdoor furniture. It is an original product, with a simple, yet very captivating look. Its uniqueness is given by the fact that the table and the two benches are united, making the product easy to move around. The innovative table was built using highly resistant wood which contrasts pleasantly with the white finish of the metal. We like the overall appearance of the design, as it makes us instantly think at a rich outdoor picnic. Do you find this type of table appealing, or do you prefer the more classic three-pieces product?

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  • Suzanne Turner November 22, 2010 at 08:44 AM Login to Reply →

    I love this!! So many of my favorite elements of design combined: simplicity, white, wood, metal, angles and high gloss! I write a lot about these over at my blog too. :)

  • Penny Speers May 11, 2011 at 11:04 AM Login to Reply →

    In think that one looks great and woud buy it for a permanent house, but I would like it to fold up for my tiny house.