No More Tangled Wires : Autorewind Cable Reel

No More Tangled Wires : Autorewind Cable Reel

We’ve gotten a lot of messages from Freshome asking from advice on how to deal with electric wires. In a small home, they are usually a major issue. This is why we try to find as many ideas as possible that help hiding the displeasing and inelegant power cables. To this end, today’s post features an innovative product that we recently received via e-mail from Designcord. The Autorewind Cable Reel has a total of four fixed sockets and 10 meters of wire. Once the green button on its surface is activated (by hand or by foot), the rewind function allows the wire to retract. Simple and practical. The device also comes equipped with child protection and overheating protection. Be sure to check out the two videos in order to fully understand how the product works.

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  • liinaliina November 16, 2010 at 15:31 PM Login to Reply →

    It one of those things what makes me wonder “why I didnt come up with that?”!