Luxurious Mobile Home for an Incredible Travel Experience

Luxurious Mobile Home for an Incredible Travel Experience

A-cero architecture studio goes beyond the concept of home – they put wheels on comfortable and contemporary designs with this Mobile Home. All the furniture inside is built from Corian – a material that plays with the usual vibrations of the moving truck to offer comfort and a pleasurable trip. Although this mobile home was created for moving around in style, it has all the comfort needed to become your second home. Leave it to architects to imagine a better world, to take all things out of context and rearrange them into a new way of life. Simply beautiful, light interiors make this RV a luxurious way to travel. Another cool feature is the mini garage that can shelter a small means of travelling on the side. The compact mobile home extends to give more room for an incredible travel experience.


  • Ellis Benus October 7, 2010 at 18:41 PMLogin to Reply →

    Have you seen the one that swallows a Mercedes car?!

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  • TheReviewer October 8, 2010 at 06:05 AMLogin to Reply →

    Probably the only vehicle that requires a mortgage for a tank of gas.

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  • ISTHMUS October 12, 2010 at 21:02 PMLogin to Reply →

    It needs a servant’s quarters.

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