Rubik Cube Locker, a Puzzling Furniture Item

Rubik Cube Locker, a Puzzling Furniture Item

We are sure most of you imagined how it would be like to have a bunch of Rubik Cubes lying around your home. Here is your chance to see this idea turned into reality. This particular Rubik cube serves as a locker, as one of its sides opens up and lets the user store different objects inside. Its dimensions are 100x100x100 cm, not too big, just perfect for an atypical storing unit. We really like how this cube fits in a room and the playful feel it seems to give away. Another practical aspect is that the user can choose which colors to expose, in case his or her apartment has a certain color theme. Sure, it would have been even more puzzling to see a mixed-up cube, rather that a solved one, but this design idea is great nonetheless. The locker-cube is available here for the exorbitant price of 980 €.-via Decosfera


  • REVENGER September 21, 2010 at 07:33 AMLogin to Reply →

    o come one 980 euro !!! pf i can make this for about 30 euro !

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  • arcilook September 22, 2010 at 17:12 PMLogin to Reply →

    Rubik’s cube, this is stupid

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    […] When it comes to our home furniture design, it is an added value if it comes with a fun and playful design, as it will not only bring comfort and style but also a fun relaxing ambiance. The Rubik Cube Locker is just a few of the great playful furniture. Available at 100×100×100 cm this playful furniture fits just right to any modern homes with different interiors. Each side of the Rubik Cube Locker is painted with the original cube colors and the user will have the chance to choose which color to expose. In addition, one can also opt to show different colors just like the unsolved Rubik Cube. -via […]