Door Designs With Punchy Colors and Fun Graphics

Door Designs With Punchy Colors and Fun Graphics

Here is a set of colorful door designs as featured in the Sensunels door collection from Dibi Group. Designed by Karim Rashid, the doors manage to create an amazing interior effect, hard to match but easy to complement by the furniture arrangements inside. Some of the models (such as the “Check door” below) are great for the kids’ rooms, other have a more sober look. Since the designs are so diverse, they appeal to a various target. We have to say we particularly enjoy the colorful models, as we find them to be quite original and give away a genuine happy feel. Since the uncommon patterns just had to have matching door knobs, check out how well the Blip door handles integrate in the “spirit” of the door designs! Which one do you like best?- via Trendir


  • adel September 12, 2010 at 11:04 AMLogin to Reply →

    beautiful idea, about time doors have a facelift from traditioal paint

  • ak September 12, 2010 at 15:34 PMLogin to Reply →

    the pink one looks like it should be on the main door to a sanitary pad company.. GET ONE FREE HERE!! Just Peel it off the Door..

    Sheesh.. that’s a horrible design for a door..

    yes, am an architect :)

  • Door Design "Punchy" by Karim Rashid | Grand Home Design September 12, 2010 at 18:26 PMLogin to Reply →

    […] A series of colorful designs shown the door in the collection of Sensunels door DIBI Group. Designed by Karim Rashid, the door managed to create the effect that amazing interior, difficult to fit but easy to complete with furniture arrangement. Futuristic, computer-generated patterns such as Seal and Veil doors are perfect for home office or computer room, or put some extra energy into your room or arcade games. Design door display the wave pattern class, available in dramatic black, pink flirty and modern. Check out this collection full of cool doors available from DIBI Group.[Via] […]

  • steam shower September 13, 2010 at 09:58 AMLogin to Reply →

    Fantastic ideas!

    Love the black door with the wavy pattern, it would go great in my house.