Cabinet in Day and Lamp in Night : Wha Cabinet

If you are looking for an interesting cabinet then you should take a look at the Wha Cabinet. Designed by Tembolat Gugkaev…, the cabinet is versatile closet that duals as a lamp. During the day, it’s a cabinet, and works as lamp at night. Dressed in curvy look with a color backlit shelves, these cool cabinets bring urbane sophistication

Curved Table with Rotating Drawers by Nenad Kostadinov

This Curved Table with rotating drawers is called Push and Grab and it was designed  by designer Nenad Kostadinov this table is really useful for hiding stuff that you don’t need all the time and keep the living room more clean. The curved table has four rotating drawers that are supported by two cylinders, each of these cylinders being also…

Impressive Tall and Narrow Home in Japan

Japan is known all throughout the world for its over crowded cities. This is why we were truly impressed to check out this ingenious crib which makes the most out of a very narrow site. The project comes from FujiwaraMuro Architects… and is located in a city called Showa-cho. Being given that the construction lot was very narrow, the architecture

Polyhedron Habitable, Relaxation and Ingenious Design

Polyhedron Habitable is a charming tiny relaxation space from Colombian architect Manuel Villa… located in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. The owners of the home near by wanted a special miniature crib in their back yard where the parents and their small child could spend some time quietly. “Polyhedron Habitable” is meant to serve as a refuge and shelter,

5 Tips to Consider When Hiring a Housekeeping Service

The decision to hire a housekeeping or maid service is a personal one that has its pros and cons.  For some, the idea of strangers entering your home and cleaning is an invasion of privacy.  While others would argue that the time, energy, and peace of mind saved by having a cleaning service is well worth the alternative.  Here are…

CS House, Modern Design and Architecture in Portugal

Here is an interesting contemporary residence that caught our attention from Pitagoras Architects…. Located in Guimarães, Portugal, this modern project had to be integrated within its unleveled landscape and “defeat its accentuated slope”. The residence has three floors, but only two of them are above ground. A strong indoor outdoor connection was the main objective when planning this project

10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools

In our modern day of looking at home improvements shows, surfing architecture and interior design websites, and spending countless hours on planning our spaces we live each day, wouldn’t you love to plan them virtually first? There are computer programs that you can purchase, books and tutorials you can buy, or you can look at this list of the best…

Compact Home Overlooking the North Sea in Sweden

House Tumle is an unusual but fascinating compact crib from Johannes Norlander Arkitektur… located close to Gothenburg, Sweden. The project was built in a residential area on a hill and is overlooking the North Sea. The total surface of the residence is 168 square meters and you can check out the building plans in the last two photos of this

Contemporary Residence with Spectacular Panoramic Views in Austria

What better building site for a contemporary residence than a mountain terrain overlooking a prestigious and beautiful city? Villa A,  designed by Najjar & Najjar Architects… is an example of such building. Featuring spectacular panoramic views of Linz, also known as the capital city of Upper Austria, this home is one of the many architecturally acclaimed projects in this region.

6 Key Elements to Designing a Beautiful Porch

Generations ago, the porch was the ‘living room’ of the home.  It was the social spot to converse with neighbors and watch kids as they played outside.  It was also a symbol of relaxation and taking time to enjoy life outside, rather than staying indoors.  As houses evolved families begun taking their activities inside and electronics replaced playing outdoors and…

“My Life in 80m²”, an Inspiring Small Crib

Our constant search for indoor solutions regarding the  interior design of small homes usually pays off big time. ‘My Life in 80m² is an ingenious residential living project meant to demonstrate that the size of a crib has little to do with the comfort and design quality it can provide. This idea comes from Italian company Poliform… and its

Bed That Appears to be Floating in Air : Dylan Modern Leather Bed

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that can get lots of attention and also look good then take a look at Dylan Modern Leather Bed .. an amazing piece of furniture that has been created by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia…. The bed appears to be floating in air, though it is supported by 4 legs

7 Tips : Choosing the Perfect Lighting for your Home

Lighting in your home is one of those items that you don’t always notice when it has a good presence and feeling when you’re in the space. Although, when the lighting is poor and you are trying to perform a task, or you feel the opposite of how you would like to feel in the space, you notice it immediately.…

Freshome Reader Help: Design Ideas for Kiosk

ANNETTE: Please give me some ideas on how to make my frozen yogurt counter stands out from the crowd! I have included my initial idea within the layout plan. As the location of the kiosk is quite hidden, therefore I need ideas on the layout and designs to attract visitors or shoppers attentions. My preferred concept is contemporary, young, simple

Inspiring Conference Table for Ernst & Young Boardroom by KINZO

Sweeping, dynamic and asymmetrical lines and bold structural design: KINZO’s… boardroom conference table for the management board of Ernst & Young is a bespoke furniture that you won’t see anywhere else. This table seems to change its looks from every angle you look at it: Depending on your perspective, it could remind you of a starship, a deep-sea ray or

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