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Limited Edition Pixelated Bed for Digital Dreaming

Either you are a tech maniac or really keen on image editing, here is an unusual limited edition bed to pixelize your living space. Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga came up with this luxurious pixelated bed for  Hästens and will be available for purchasing at the whopping cost of $58,430 (45,000 euros) by the end of year 2010. Even though this is a cool idea and could be a highly original addition for any bedroom, this price is for the collectors only. The pixelated bed is made from wool, cotton, horsehair and Swedish pine, a combination that leads to a pleasant overall look. This product comes with a lot of tiny pillows, that can be spread around the room for extra pixels. We think the design idea behind this bed and its distribution are two of the product’s strong features that might just help sell this item and even create an extra demand after the limited edition elements are sold- despite its price. Tell us if you disagree. -via Bornrich

bed in pixels Limited Edition Pixelated Bed for Digital Dreaming

zuzunaga bed Cz5Dy 12 Limited Edition Pixelated Bed for Digital Dreaming

pixelated bed OU3Ti 12 Limited Edition Pixelated Bed for Digital Dreaming

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One response to “Limited Edition Pixelated Bed for Digital Dreaming” - Add yours!

  1. July 21, 2010

    Like to see it. The Bed giving you a good Gradients pixelated which i think better than the Chess square that make unfocused on the expression (the little size box).
    Thank you for sharing.

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