Big Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Big Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Is your bathroom so small that you can touch both walls when standing inside?  Small bathrooms are a huge challenge to use and to decorate. Some bathrooms have the ability to feel bigger, while others may need small renovation projects to improve the square footage.  Depending on your particular bathroom the options can be easy.  Decide what your budget is, and then follow these big design ideas for your small bathroom.


Your sink and how much space you can maneuver around it, is crucial in the use of your bathroom. Determine your specific needs for your sink. Are you someone who has a lot of toiletries, accessories, and need a lot of storage? Use a small vanity that has under counter cabinet doors, and add organization shelves and drawers inside the cabinet.  Don’t have a lot of storage needs, but want it to look decorative? Consider using a pedestal sink, or a wall mounted sink with decorative shelving below.  If you don’t have space for either, they also make sinks that fit in the corner of two walls. This sink has a 90 degree back and the sink nestles between the walls to give you maximum floor space.


Most people enjoy having maximum room around the toilet, although this is not always a realistic option in today’s small bathrooms.  If you’re able to change out the toilet, they come in smaller sizes that take up less floor space, and allow for more room around them.  If you cannot change the toilet, try to minimize floor items like scales, trashcans, and laundry hampers in the bathroom.  The more floor area you can see and use, the better you will feel.


In most small bathrooms you either have a combination bathtub with the shower inside, or you only have a shower. If your budget allows, lose the shower curtain and add a glass door enclosure.  Glass will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom, and when you’re using the shower, it will feel larger too.  Consider using clear or lighter colored shower curtains if installing a glass door is not an option.  If you have tall ceilings, install the shower curtain at a higher head height to elongate the feeling of the room.


Dark colors will make the room feel smaller and lighter colors will make the room feel larger.  If you have the luxury of having natural light pour into your bathroom, it will feel much bigger. Mimic the feeling of natural light with neutral and sunny tones that feel warm and inviting. Change your light bulbs to ones that emit a warmer glow. Light bulbs play a huge role in how you see yourself in the mirror. You will hate using the bathroom, if you hate how you look in the mirror!

Even though your bathroom is small, you can still love its potential. Use these big design ideas and love your bathroom again.


  • Joseph July 2, 2010 at 15:59 PMLogin to Reply →

    You have some interesting concepts. I have been designing a new kitchen and bathrooms for us for some time now and searching the Internet for ideas. I do have a leg up on most, though, because I’m a cabinetmaker, so I can do my own cabinetry, which is the heart of a bathroom. One of the things I have been finding, though, is that there are just a ton of ideas out there. I have been working on this for some time and trying to share my ideas with others. I have hopes of glorious bathrooms for us. But we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

  • Arif Shaik July 4, 2010 at 12:21 PMLogin to Reply →

    The great thing about furniture is to fit and fix in the exact place. I think the information gathered is good. Great post.

  • Holly Schwartz July 6, 2010 at 05:34 AMLogin to Reply →

    Great ideas for small baths! Working in real estate I know how important it is to homebuyers to have large bathrooms. The shower curtain is a cost-effective way to decorate and a lighter neutral color is best. A smaller updated vanity or a pedestal sink creates a clean look. Proper lighting is essential so lose the “Hollywood” lights and use modern mirrors and medicine cabinets. Thanks for posting useful info!

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  • gretchen abiero June 4, 2011 at 16:25 PMLogin to Reply →

    hi im chen from philippines and i love the entire designs i saw here on ur website but may i ask if you have a bathroom design which has a color design of a shades of yellow green and white?

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  • Scott September 4, 2013 at 16:43 PMLogin to Reply →

    This has some great information. You really need to plan carefully for any bathroom plans. Especially if you don’t have as much space to work with.

  • Kristen Dockery February 12, 2015 at 18:34 PMLogin to Reply →

    There are some great tips in this article about how to make a small bathroom look and feel larger. I have a friend who recently bought an older home and they are going to remodel the inside and then try and sell it again. I will have to share the tips in this article with my friend because the house has some pretty small bathrooms. I hope that she will be able to figure it out and get the bathrooms to look great, which I’m sure she will be able to.