Modern and Peaceful Apartment for Cozy Living

Modern and Peaceful Apartment for Cozy Living

Even though interior design has taken giant steps lately, there is nothing more important about choosing an apartment than its homey feel. And we think this place has plenty.  A beautiful large living room with a balcony and plenty of natural light was enough to catch our attention. The guitar and the random vivid colors make this interior a fun and cozy one. We also enjoyed checking out the photos of the bedroom. The red walls stand out, but in a joyful and tasteful manner. The loft also features a tiny and cute room for children, which is in tune with the overall feel of the place. The freshly renovated kitchen is all-equipped and includes a dining table and wide windows. Simplicity, elegance and creativity- here are some characteristics of this apartment but also three lessons to keep in mind when (re)decorating. -via Alvhem

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