Discreet Window, an Original and Fun Blinds Concept

Discreet Window, an Original and Fun Blinds Concept

From designers Ishac Bertran and Gizem Boyacioglu comes a unique and revolutionary concept as an alternative to the common window blinds. The project was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window, a movie that got translated in Spanish as “La Ventana Indiscreta”  (“The Indiscreet Window”). But as their name suggests, the blinds are indeed very discreet. Moreover, they function in an original way: even though they look like regular vertical columns, when triggered, they drop slowly in four different ways. It’s fun just watching them cascading down. The movie below best explains this process. We also uploaded some pictures for a better understanding of how they work. -via Home Tone


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    […] 如图,这个窗子有许多功能,右边的拉线上有五个小球,其中左边的深色小球相当于指针,右边四个相当于刻度,对应四种不同的模式,上面写了名字。当拉动右边的绳子之后,窗子上垂下来的纽条就会发生变化。如下图,左上角是全开模式,左下角和右下角是半开模式,中间这种叫Graph,(Heidi:曲线图模式?)。来源还有一个视频,不过是vimeo的,需要自备梯子。后面还有几张细节图: […]

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