Arm&Crafts, a Playful Handmade Ceramic Set

The kitchen items which have hands and feet usually spooky and unrealistic. Arm&Crafts is a playful handmade ceramic set from KRASZNAI ceramics… which is funny and cute, rather than frightening. The collection is made up by five pieces: Mug, Milk, Bowling, Vase and Bowl, each with their own unique design and we dare say personality. They are hand made and

“Exuberant and Outrageous” Architecture: Casa Son Vida in Spain

Located near Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Casa Son Vida brakes the boundaries in matters of luxury and futuristic home approaches. The project comes from tec Architecture in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio, responsible for designing the interiors. This villa is said to be the first of the 6 planned luxury residences in this exclusive area.

Here is some

Impeccable Design and Architecture: Sotogrande House, by A-Cero Architects

No matter how much we try, we just can’t find anything wrong with this home. Might be just the abundant use of white, but it looks impeccable. Located in Cadiz, Spain, Sotogrande House is yet another success of A-cero Architects,… a name which has in time become similar with high quality architecture. The project features a couple of king-size bedrooms,

House in Istanbul, A Modern Mixture of Styles

GAD…, an architecture company with offices in New York, Istanbul and Bodrum completed an impressive renovation project in Beykoz, a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey. The BUAMA House belongs to a young couple who needed their home restructured. The plan was to insert a new living space in the already existing one. The results are amazing. Here are a few

Contemporary Loft with Original Twisted Furniture in Hamburg

GRAFT… is an architecture and urban planning company founded in Los Angeles, USA, in 1998.  Loft Hamburg is one of the projects they recently completed for Vanessa Kullmann. It was meant as a private residence and it is currently worth $200,000. The place is a display of dramatic furniture and unexpected angles, a wonderful approach to contemporary design. The centerpiece

Complex Apartment Design in Soho

As most of you already know, Soho is short for “South Houston” and refers to a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York .  This complex apartment design seems to counterweight the crazy and chaotic lifestyle of this particular USA region. The flat features an interesting terrace of  impressive dimensions, a place of relaxation and promising outdoor parties. Interiors are airy and…

And the 2010 Architecture Pritzker Prize Goes to…

SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa) is a Japanese duo who has recently won the prestigious architecture  Pritzker Prize.The couple is known throughout the world for their futuristic projects like the Musée Louvre-LENS  in Northern France or the Rolex Leaning Center at the campus of the EPFL in Lausanne. Here is some further information via Bloomberg…: “The pair

Classy and Elegant Miami Beach Townhouse

From Magdalena Keck Interior Design…, this beautiful Miami beach townhouse impressed us due to its  modern yet simple and spacious interiors. Naturally, its location had something to do with our choice for this post as well. A lovely terrace with sea views and elegant outdoor furniture guards one of the entrances of the house. Large windows allow a good

20 Ideas on How to Integrate a TV in the Living Room

From Diotti A&F…, these fabulous living rooms seem to have it all: style, glamor, a well defined personality and last but not least, functionality. Because we did not cover entertainment in a while, we decided to make this post in order to give you inspiring ideas on how to integrate your TV or home theater system in the living

Beautiful and Warm Interiors From Kwinter&Co.

Freshome salutes the interior designers who sometimes place functionality second. We think a warm atmosphere is above all else. These beautiful and cozy living spaces belong to Kwinter&Co. …and transmit a very nice feeling to the viewer. This is the main reason why we decided to share them with you guys. There are a few details worth mentioning that give

Furniture with Skeletons and Bones, For the Strong Spirits

This original furniture collection was displayed at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London and belongs to Studio Job…. We don’t know how many of you out there would go for this type of imprints, but we find the idea to be quite interesting which is why we decided to share it. Called “Industry series”, the designs are made of

Architecture with a Strong Personality: Villa Dali in Rotterdam

Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 123DV… is an architecture company whose works include public and commercial building projects but also furniture and product design. Villa Dali was built respecting the clients’ passions and wishes. The owners wanted a home with a strong personality that would capture the unusual character of Salvador Dali along with their passion for Art Noveau and

Land Peel, a Fun Multifunctional Mat

Designed by Shin Yamashita, a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology,… project “Land Peel” is a creative,  fun and multifunctional furniture unit. At the first glance it looks like a common floor mat. But a closer look will reveal that the product is made up by panels which can be lifted in order to create various furniture objects. Land

Habitat 67, an “Icon of Permanent Modernity”

Habitat 67 is an unusual looking residential complex located on the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada. The project was initially a pavilion housing one of the world’s largest exhibitions, Expo 67 held in 1967 and considered to be the most successful World’s Fair of the 20th century. Habitat 67 was designed by Moshe Safdie… and, as it was written

Inspiring and Intriguing Design Ideas From Rona Landman

Rona Landman… is an interior design firm from New York whose works leave nothing to the accidental. We enjoyed checking out their portfolio and here is the selection we prepared in order to give you a general idea on their creations. From uncomplicated interiors to complex decors, from a simple color pallet to an intense chromatic mixture, these living rooms

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