E House, Amazing Architecture and Design By Agraz Arquitectos

E House, Amazing Architecture and Design By Agraz Arquitectos

From Agraz Architectures this amazing looking residence was built in collaboration with many artists, leaving nothing to chance. The house belongs to family Espinosa Viramontes, who wanted a place that would fit well in the neighborhood and also take on the challenges of the complicated terrain. We think the team did a great job at covering the owner’s demands and below you have the fantastic results. The construction not only has an impressive and unusual exterior, built in a triangular shape and looking very dynamic, but the interior stands out as well. A spiral staircase is the centerpiece of the home and connects the levels. Glass and wood are present all around, creating a homey feel. The furniture is minimalist and also features wooden themes. We appreciate the overall simplicity and elegance. Now- what do you like about this place?

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  • Mama Oaie February 25, 2010 at 18:38 PMLogin to Reply →

    well in my opinion this sucks big time.
    what happened to traditional housing, a house with soul and love, not something minimal, anyone can build and create something minimal, but few can put soul and heart in what they create.

    this looks more like a concrete fortress, separating the man from nature, it looks like a tank, a containment facility, it doesn’t work for me. In my opinion i think the owners had to much money and they wanted to show off. So you can publish their house as a jewel, as a centerpiece in modern architecture, but i wonder, if the architecture will dump the minimal inspiration and pass to more natural and common design, what would these people do?

    demolish their actual house and raise another?