Rowena, a Freshome.com fan just moved to a new place, and she decided to email us an ask for some interior design advice for her space. After I’ve read her email I’ve got an idea …to post the pictures on the website and ask for opinions from our readers. So I’ve asked Rowena to send me some pictures and a few words about her place …

When I rented it, the furniture that you see came with it. As with all rented home, we cant do much when it comes to painting, hammering etc. The window that you can see covered with the curtain is not really functional. As in, it opens to a balcony that was later roofed. I cannot seem to re-arrange the furniture around to make it look decent. I do intend to buy a couch or a sofa set. What I buy is depending on how to arrange the room & I would like to buy a center piece rug as well. I do like to read & would like a little corner with a chair and the tall lamp. Maybe in the wall corner of the window on the right, I could put the shelved corner stand, for little show pieces. I don’t intend to buy anything expensive just something that does not look cheap and yet makes the place look really peaceful. – Rowena

Now please take a look at the pictures attached below and give her some advice in the comments section, and tell me if posting something like this was a good idea or not. Thanks.