Ekokook : Perhaps The Future in Kitchen Design

Ekokook : Perhaps The Future in Kitchen Design

Ekokook comes from  Faltazi design and is said to be the kitchen of the future. A lot of research stood at the basis of this design and led to a kitchen that respects all the standards of modern living combined with sustainability as well. This kitchen of the future is made out of two functional parts. The inferior one, somehow reminding one of a classic kitchen as we know it, includes a fridge, a dish washing machine,  “drawers” for plates and tableware and other spaces meant for storage. Beneath all these lies an intricate system of waste disposal, including five separate systems for five materials: glass, paper, cans, plastic and organic waste. The superior part features plenty of green shapes, some of them meant as storage bowls, other having technological utility (like absorbing the steam, for example). Check out the photos and the video for a better understanding. -via Inhabitat

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    This is definitely amazing! However please check http://www.idesignfile.com to view similar products.

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  • Kitchen March 1, 2010 at 16:27 PM Login to Reply →

    Nice concept and well thought out, however, there are some major issues that cannot be overlooked.
    All the different mechanisms, pockets, draws etc are going to be a nightmare to clean! Secondly, you have a waste disposal facility in your kitchen, including a compost bin.

  • kuhl jehan March 2, 2010 at 09:30 AM Login to Reply →

    hahahahahahahahahaah, the video, the comment, you’re trying to kill me!
    at least i got a good laugh today! thanks for that!

  • Tyler March 5, 2010 at 22:14 PM Login to Reply →

    Usually I just skim through these blogs and only read ones that -jump- out at me so I can get new ideas for designs and stuff and yours did just that. Thanks for it – it is actually a real good read! Do you have a subcribe area so I can link to it to read again another day? Let me know – thanks.


  • […] Ekokook es el diseño Faltazi y se dice que es la cocina del futuro. Mucha de la investigación se situó en la base de este diseño y dio lugar a una cocina que respeta todas las normas de la vida moderna combinada con la sostenibilidad también. Esta cocina del futuro está hecha de dos partes funcionales. La inferior, recordando de alguna manera a la cocina clásica tal como la conocemos, incluye un frigorífico, una lavadero de  platos, “cajones” de platos y vajilla y otros espacios destinados a almacenamiento. Debajo de todo esto un intrincado sistema de eliminación de residuos, incluidos los cinco sistemas distintos de  materiales: vidrio, papel, latas, residuos orgánicos y plásticos. La parte superior cuenta con un montón de formas verdes, algunos de ellos significó el almacenamiento de cuencos, otro medio técnico de utilidad (como absorber el vapor, por ejemplo). Echa un vistazo a las fotos y el video para una mejor comprensión. Vía freshome. […]