Indoor Fairy Tales: Beds Shaped Like Castles for Young Ladies

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These beautiful play beds reminding of childhood fairy tales come from PoshTots and are meant to stir up the imagination of young ladies and cause them a delightful transition into dream land. With great designs, amazing graphics, the mini-castles  feature classic story elements but also practical parts, such as shelving systems and other types of storage spaces.  These are unconventional ways of decorating children’s rooms. For little girls, having their own private castle is probably their biggest wish. However, the prices for these designs are really steamy, some of these beds costing over $20,000, which makes us reevaluate the latter sentence and advice parents to come up with alternative ways of stimulating creativity and imagination. -via DecoActual


  • [...] and imagination to decorate this fairy tales beds. So, let’s hunted for complete fairy stuff! [via]imagination fairy tales [...]

  • [...] Childrens Fairy Tales decorating inspiring from the story of cinderella and the princess story on the fairy tales. This perfect pink color completed with the additional furniture like a castle was great choice for our beloved daughter. Rejuvinating their body and soul through give them a free design and additional painting or picture for their lovely fairy tales decorating. We can put double book rack for this unconventional bed in case if we’ve to read a fairy tales before they go to sleep. In addition, give this spectacular bedroom with characters and motifs of fairy tales. Go along the toys shop special for girl and give them a free chance to decorate their own bed room by their creativity and imagination as a child. Besides we put book collection of a fairy tales, we also can bring our daughter trophy (if they have) as a supporting willingness for getting an achievement or our family photograph. Especially for a small family, this extraordinary bed was an effective bed since it’s contains with double rack that can minimize our needed for separated book rack. Another beneficial side was, along this bed, we can put a stairs as a place for play for our daughter. Overall, the most important things for this gorgeous bed shaped castle were the creativity and imagination to decorate this fairy tales beds. So, let’s hunted for complete fairy stuff! [via] [...]