Exotic House in Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

Exotic House in Brazil by Isay Weinfeld

Isay Weinfeld is an architect from Sao Paulo, Brazil. You will find a large variety of projects on the company’s website, starting from items of furniture to state-of-the-art architecture. Today we will focus on the latter. Iporanga House is as exotic in look as it is due to its location. Probably the first thing that one notices when looking at the pictures is the beautiful palm trees. And this residence really fits great in this kind of environment. A beatiful and inviting pool then catches our eyes briefly only to redirect them towards the exotic house near by. A wide open space filled with cosy and unusual chairs is a strong feature of this place, guaranteeing peaceful evenings in a great natural environment. Every room is somehow connected to nature by large windows and beautiful views. We will let you discover the rest and tell us what you think.

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