More Freedom for Kids Imagination with the Chalkboard Table

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Designed by Eric Pfeiffer the Chalkboard Table is an awesome way to make parents life more easy and give a more freedom for kids imagination. The Chalkboard Table is just perfect for the young artists in your family …a table that they can draw on! This play table is made of wood and has uniquely durable chalkboard surface, which is very easy to clean. One more advantage of this kids table is the metal bowl in the center to store the chalk and erasers. This chalkboard table would help you to make a life of your kids more fun and creative don’t you think ?

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  • jeanny May 26, 2010 at 07:45 AM Login to Reply →

    I think the idea is great but i am afraid that the dust from those chalks can fall and lay on the floor or carpet. So do we need to create a dust holder all around the boundary of the table?