Chairnificine: A Sinister Seat Indeed

Chairnificine: A Sinister Seat Indeed

The charmingly morbid Chairnificine, a concept developed by the Brazilian designer Gustavo Brenck, is as hilarious as it is dark.  Lazer-cut steel was bent and warped to develop this charming concept which looks like a perfectly comfortable chair if you can get past the subtle shape of a murdered person (not sure if you caught that, just want to be extra clear… ha!).  I think it might be fantastic to see an office or cool dining room with a bunch of these chairs, or possibly a garden with several of these chairs placed around the area almost like tombstones.  Add the matching “pool of blood” carpet and you’ve got a fantastic theme for criminals and comedians alike! – via


  • Dina monir December 24, 2009 at 11:56 AMLogin to Reply →

    very simple

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