Elegant and Stylish Interiors From Sally Conran

Elegant and Stylish Interiors From Sally Conran

Sally Conran is an art director and stylist whose passions involve interior design, lifestyle and last but not least- and you probably did not see this coming- food. For today, we made a selection of some of her works regarding interior arrangements. What is striking at first when looking at her projects is an overall feeling of peace, harmony and not to mention elegance. All the elements seem to feet perfectly in the light decors and looking at them seems to make their atmosphere contagious- it is almost like a change of state. Decorating elements such as candles, interesting wallpapers, unusual vases with flowers enhance this perception. The mix of mellow colours is also of great effect. We are very interested in your comments and opinions on these interiors.


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    I love the nursery! It’s simple and so stylish :) My dream is to design like that one day…