Shell-Wheeler House : A Sustainable Private Residence by Johnston Architects

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Johnston Architects PLLC designed this original project for a couple with “sustainable” carriers. Scott Shell and Margaret Wheeler are both mountain guides, a profession that makes them both open to the ideas meant to conserve the environment. The house was built by company Tall Tree Construction in a forest from the logs that were brought down by the local storms. Energy comes from an underground pump that is “fueled” with water which has previously been heated in the sun. Overall, the house looks amazing and its sustainable sources of power provide enough energy to keep it glowing in the coldest of winters.

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  • melanie February 14, 2010 at 01:47 AM Login to Reply →

    I LOVE this house. I’d move in tomorrow. It’s so nice to see a modern design that has no fear of color. A+ for the sustainability as well.