Turning an Old Pool Into a Skaters’ Heaven : Octopus by NEVERCREW’S

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We know you got used to seeing mostly interior design ideas here on Freshome, but this time we would like to try something new. NEVERCREW’S is a group of artist from Switzerland that so far have a very impressive portfolio of works concerning art in a few different forms: murals, graphics,  videos, comics and even sculpture. Octopus is one of their newest project which implied turning over an old pool located in Skatepark of Lugano, Switzerland, into a skaters’ heaven. We invite you to check out the pictures and the video below  for a better understanding of  this transformation. -via

  • octopus pool 1
  • octopus pool 1art
  • octopus pool 5
  • octopus pool art
  • octopus pool art1
  • octopus pool art12
  • octopus pool art123
  • octopus pool art1234