Fire Screens that Present the Skylines of London and Rome

Fire Screens that Present the Skylines of London and Rome

A reversed concept of design, an inverse process, backwards, in which the final object is a means, an instrument: the object serves merely as a vehicle for light to create the shadow. This is the starting point of the design of a series of fireshields by gspot. The fire screens embody the present skylines of London and Rome, evoking through their shadows the Great Fires that signed their history, respectively in 1666 and 64 AD. Made of cor-ten steel plate, meticulously laser-cut. The process of oxidizing brings alive this material, which behaves like fire, dynamic, transmutable and unpredictable. A sort of multiple piece of art that sums formal seriality with aestethic uniqueness. Alternatively, the fire screen is created in haematite (black steel) plate, possessing the attribute of projecting shadow, even when the fire is extinguished or the light source removed; running on its shadow.


  • London’s Burning! Beautiful Cityscape Fire Screens | Calfinder Remodeling Blog November 18, 2009 at 19:20 PMLogin to Reply →

    […] Fires inspired these fireshields and their beauty while offering defense from that which ensued. So it went with the Great Fire of London that began one September evening in 1666 in a small bakeshop on Pudding Lane. The fire was finally stopped at the barren spot left by the fire of 1633. The reversal in destiny – fire containing fire – illustrates the providence also in the artwork of these cityscape screens. […]

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    […] Men det är inte min poäng. Läste hos Ebba där någon hade kommenterat att designen totalt är tagen från gspot. […]