Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun

“Skwak” is a French illustrator who created amazing graphic designs inspired from children stories.  His work is called “Maniac World” and his unique characters are known as “maniacs”. Here are some words from the designer himself concerning his creations:” At first glance, it’s as if my work is made up of chance: a giant mess! But for me, all is organized in this chaos. The stories I tell have a beginning and an end and a sense of follow through. The characters have personality; they have reference points. So yes, I enrich my universe, my second world, by placing in it new codes and new inhabitants every day.” These huge pillows ( 55×70″ ) are every cartoon fan’s dream. Colorful and crazy, they are sure to freshen up any funky room.-via Cool Hunting

skwak pillows Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun

pillow pile Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun

flyingfortress pillow Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun

skwak pillows5 Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun

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2 responses to “Huge Skwak Pillows : Graphics and Fun” - Add yours!

  1. Lauren Jordan said:
    October 13, 2009

    These are great! My favorite out of the bunch is the pillow with the two blue creatures on it. I like that style of cartooning.

  2. Amir Hejazi said:
    October 14, 2009

    ples pictures home design

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