Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

You are probably starting to get used to interesting lighting designs from Foscarini here on Freshome. Well guess what-there’s more more to come, because designers working for this company never seem to get any sleep which is of course in our best interest. And, without further ado, we would like to present these elegant bubble lamps from designer Valerio Bottin. Perfect for large spaces, the Bubble lamp is truly imposing through its design and shape and once this item will be placed in a room, it will definitely become the highlight of that particular limited space. Here is where you will find a contact form for getting in tough with the company.

bubble lamp3 Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

bubble lamp2 Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

bubble lamp Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

Bubble Chair

bubble lamp4 Bubble Lamps from Foscarini

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