Flames Coming From Your Furniture

You’ve seen all sorts of unusual chimneys here on Freshome, but you have to admit most of them were …well, tamed. Here is an example of an “unrestrained” fireplace. Designed for a private residence in Boulder, Colorado by EcoSmart Fire, this project certainly does not lack originality. The design makes it seem like flames come out of nowhere and burn unleashed in your living-room. For futher drama, unconventional locations can be chosen for placing the product, such as a table or a certain part of the floor. This way it will really seem like fire is strangely burning from within your furniture. In fact the technology used is quite secure and there is, of course, no danger. Here is where you can get in contact with the producer for any inquiries.

fireplace Flames Coming From Your Furniture

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2 responses to “Flames Coming From Your Furniture” - Add yours!

  1. September 30, 2009

    It looks stylish. Except the first picture. To me it looks a little out of place.

    Otherwise it looks good.
    It is real flame isn’t it?

  2. Jenny said:
    October 2, 2009


    The flame is real! I have a freestanding one of these at home and it is amazing. They put out heat, and are super efficient. Great way to add ambiance, especially if you don’t have a built in fireplace.