Eclosion Sofa, Couch with a Zipper

Eclosion Sofa, Couch with a Zipper

We’ve been seeing more and more furniture items that can fit almost anywhere. From kitchens that can be reduced cu cupboards to tables for six persons that fold obediently into any locker, it seems that designers everywhere are coming up with new and ingenious methods of making our interiors welcoming and user friendly. “Eclosion” comes from Olivier Grégoire, believed to be one of the most promising young  designers in France at the moment. This out-of-the-box inflatable sofa can be shaped in more than one ways by simply maneuvering a strategically placed zipper: release it for extra comfort on your back and simply pull from it to pack the couch back together when you need more space. Although this sofa is currently just a concept, we are looking forward to its launch on the furniture markets worldwide.-via


  • countertops September 9, 2009 at 12:34 PMLogin to Reply →

    I would buy that sofa

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