Flower Table from Fatih Can Sarioz

Flower Table from Fatih Can Sarioz

When it comes to design, small apartments are no longer an issue.  We see more and more creative ideas with every passing day and a lot of designers stop and think of the final user’s preferences and possibilities. The Flower table comes from Fatih Can Sarioz, a talented industrial product designer.  “Flower” is currently just a concept, but we are looking forward to the possibility of buying this product. Perfect for tight spaces or for some special events that require extra seats,  such as a party or someone’s birthday, “Flower” is a must-have furniture item. When you are done using it, just pack it back together and store it in a closet. It is that easy.  You can also check out a  similar table design that was presented on Fresh Home last year  here.  – via

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  • Homes-Suite-Homes September 4, 2009 at 11:00 AMLogin to Reply →

    This is such a great idea I just really hope that it gets made. It’ll be great for those who, like me, have smaller homes and can’t fit in a normal sized table and chairs. But I love most about it is although it is extremely practical it is very visually pleasing. Generally practically furniture such as this is rather boring but this couldn’t be further from boring.

    I love the shape and design, it’s pretty funky and eye catching. I think if you had some friends round to your home and they saw that they would all fall in love with it, mainly because of it’s unusual style.

    I love furniture that is unusual and differnt. Have you seen the lego sofas that are out there? I would love to know what you think of them.