‘Smart Door’ with Fingerprint Login

You thought Star Treck was way ahead of our times? Apparently the movie had yet to inspire designers throughout the world. Sure, the idea of a door that opens only after it does a fingerprint check-up on you was crazy back then, but that does not mean that it makes it less real in the present. “Smart Door” comes from iHouse, a company that invests in creating high-tech housing products. There are three ways you can open this door. Remotely, by sending a command through your PC or advanced mobile phone, through a numeric password or by simply taping the scanner with your finger. All your family members can have access to opening the door, so more fingerprints can be registered. Futuristic and fun, this is guaranteed to keep the burglars away.- via

smart door xyLqV 1822 Smart Door with Fingerprint Login

smartdoor Smart Door with Fingerprint Login

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2 responses to “‘Smart Door’ with Fingerprint Login” - Add yours!

  1. ABC Dragoo said:
    August 31, 2009

    We installed this on the front door of our building in NYC. We had 4 apartments and 8 adults. The perfect solution, right?

    It only worked half the time and often I spent far longer trying to get it to work than it ever would have taken for me to reach into my bag and unlock the door.

    It is my hunch that we need to wait a few generations before this technology is actually worth while.

  2. ABC Dragoo said:
    August 31, 2009

    Oh, I should clear up – we did not have the ihouse brand.