Hug Set, Modern Patio Furniture from Schoenhuber Franchi

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Have you been dreaming about a gorgeously designed furniture set, ranging from armchairs to loungers and tables that create a cool poolside set? Well the folks over at Schoenhuber Franchi would like a talk with us. Adopting simplicity in its block-like shape with these gentle round corners, the Hug Set deals with a matter of elegance and comfort which brings about a relaxed ambiance to your home through its stylish woven range. Not to left out any corners in your dwelling, the “thoughtful” designer also launched a stylish child’s swing for your little one. It has the exact same Pearl Grey almost luminous material appearance and vouches to charm you at a first glance. True? – via

  • Hug Set 5
  • Hug Set 4
  • Hug Set 3
  • Hug Set 2
  • Hug Set 1

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