The Amazing Snake Bar Stool by Svilen Gamolov

The Amazing Snake Bar Stool by Svilen Gamolov

Since I run Freshome I’ve saw a lot of interesting pieces of furniture but this one is really unique. Designed by Svilen Gamolov the Snake Bar Stool is radically designed and resembles a hissing snake ready to strike at the challenged with a vicious and fatal poisonous bite. Carved out of wood this superb piece of furniture can easily blend with any furniture of your home dimension. The incredible color of the snake bar stool gives it a superior look and one can comfortably seat on it. This chair is just a concept for now, but you have to admit that the idea is just awesome. – Via – Elitechoice

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  • Pravin August 6, 2009 at 11:50 AM Login to Reply →

    The concept is great, but I didn’t like the splat shaped base that doesn’t resemble any snake body part. It could have been neater if the snake had another coil (like the one it has in the middle portion) which made the base. Then it could’ve been a complete snake with a proper tail.