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Fitzpatrick’s Four-to-One Table

Taking influences from both Nordic and Asian design, Leon Fitzpatrick’s Four-to-One Table is a strong interior or exterior accent for those who enjoy sculptural centerpieces.  The white and woodgrain furniture piece can actually break down into easy-to-reassemble elements for quick transportation or just so that you can use the table just about anywhere in your home.  Aside from serving as a centerpiece dining table, the center of the Four-to-One also glows with white light.  I would definitely recommend this table as a fun exterior accent for those with lush garden spaces or a compact patio space.  Just imagine sitting down after your summer barbeque at the Four-to-One with your friends and allowing the table to glow with accent light long in the warm evening. – via

4 in 1Table02 Fitzpatrick’s Four to One Table

4 in 1Table03 Fitzpatrick’s Four to One Table

4 in 1Table01 Fitzpatrick’s Four to One Table

S Table

4 in 1Table04 Fitzpatrick’s Four to One Table

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