Hoffman's Modular Lights

Hoffman’s Modular Lights

Adaptive and interesting, German design student Robert Hoffman’s diplom thesis “Modular Lights” are a very personal way to establish a lighting scheme for your home.  By tilting and adjusting the outer flat panels of the sculpture, light is released from the inner light structure to your specifications.  Highly recommended for someone who enjoys constantly shifting and adjusting their light schemes for different occasions, Hoffman’s Modular Lights would be smart accent lights for an interior with classic or ornate elements that appear differently in different lighting schemes.  For example, the Modular Lights can allow you to be very specific with how you present your French Rococo coffee table or may serve as perfect ambient accents to your Louis Kahn lighting centerpiece.  Or adjust the Modular Lights for lower light release during the summer and higher release during the winter.  The possibilities are very literally endless. – via


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    […] Styling your own décor provides a feeling of contentment especially when somebody likes your design. However, how would you do it you are not a designer yourself? You never have to worry like now because Robert Hoffman has created the Modular Lights that allows its users to express themselves. By simply tilting and adjusting the outer flat panels, lights produced by the inner light structure will now be according to your specifications. Through this unique lighting system, one can already have a unique lighting that everybody will surely love. The modular lights also have an elegant design that made this light not only for illumination purposes but for your interior design as well. -via […]

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    This is a great site for interior decorators they would have so much fun getting really great ideas, there is so much one can now do with lighting, the great designs and concepts, and the atmosphere that they can give to a room or place.

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