HI-CAN: last generation bed presented at Out of Salone in Milan

HI-CAN: last generation bed presented at Out of Salone in Milan

Last year we presented here on Freshome the High Fidelity Canopy Bed by Edoardo Carlino. Since that post a lot of people emailed me asking from where they can purchase that bed, but at that time the bed was just a project. We are glad to announce you that the product has been presented for the first time to the public during the Design Week in Milan, from April 20th to 26th. High technology and elegance are finely matched in a bed that represents a new concept of comfort and relaxation. Hi-Can invited the visitors of Milano design week to experience the highest idea of bed ever, within the exceptional ‘Design Set’ background. Visitors felt like involved in a film set: a domestic setting characterized by innovation into the fascinating context of former warehouses of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

Hi-Can stands for High fidelity Canopy, suggesting a new and contemporary interpretation of the canopy classic bed that recreates our most intimate and protective space inside the bedroom. Crossing the traditional boundaries of the furniture, a unique product contains modern technology components such as computers, console game, video and home-theatre system, that leaving the various contexts they typically belong at home and outside find an unusual place in the bed. Inside Hi-Can you will be so immersed on the sound, surrounded by images, from scenery and charming atmosphere that you will experience a special relax each time.

At home, in a hotel room or in a yacht, Hi-Can is able to dialogue with all environments both from an aesthetic and technological point of view, thanks to the built-in home automation system that interfaces the bed with any appliances the room is equipped. In a hotel through the bed you can choose movies or documents from a server-database and interact directly with the reception, discovering for example the menu of the day, information about nightlife or the theaters and museums more attractive in town. A holiday on a boat takes the features of a dream, cuddled in the morning light that filters through the curtains of the bed. Even the long days of convalescence in bed are more pleasant, thanks to its fun and at the same time protective and functional nature.

Designed by Italian designer Edoardo Carlino in 2007, protected by international patent, comes out from a research project developed in cooperation with University of Calabria by Detamobili. Now distributed by Hi-Interiors, created as high-tech spin-off from Detamobili. The product was named “i-bed” or “playing bed” by the internet community, the “Ferrari of beds ” by the press, generating great enthusiasm and curiosity over the international markets. These successes were added to the selection of Hi-Can for WT Village, a prestigious event combined with Well-Tech Award, an international recognition for technological innovation that rewards excellence of materials, products and technologies together with R&D commitment of more innovative firms.


  • تجريبي كوم May 28, 2009 at 17:23 PMLogin to Reply →

    thank u
    this is vere nace

  • dana June 4, 2009 at 09:33 AMLogin to Reply →

    Very mechanical shaped bed and innovative. Nice addition to the designers stuff.

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  • Sophie August 10, 2009 at 07:54 AMLogin to Reply →

    This bed is very high status COOL haha.
    If I could I would buy it just to have sleep overs and show it off