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Giorgio Armani’s “Calyx” Kitchen

Dubbed “the disappearing kitchen,” Giorgio Armani’s “Calyx” kitchen is a slick and glossy design with long modern lines and bold, flat accents.  Developed with a neat satin finish to give a heavy golden impression, Armani’s kitchen is meant to fold up and neatly fit behind wide doors and large panels, literally vanishing into the simplicity of its design.  Created in collaboration with the design studio Dada, the complementary dining tables, refrigerator, dishwater, steam and standard ovens, food warming drawer, gas stove and wine cellar can all be adjusted to hide (as required) behind the panels which have the same finish as the walls.  A great concept for a modernist home (especially for those among us with a love for Armani’s signature design style), this kitchen would be a brilliant premise for those interested in entertaining in a high-end modular concept home.  So be sure and contact your private architect to get them on board! – via

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