Wooden delights: How to buy a quality dresser

Wooden delights: How to buy a quality dresser

Most often it’s a touch of wood that truly brings class and comfort to interiors of a home no matter what artificial material one uses; it is that touch of natural elegance that gives every home a complete look. Yet, the problem with picking a wonderful dresser is that people often tend to concentrate too much on how attractive it is and forget about quality and endurance.

Picking quality dressers is not as hard as one might feel, as simple care while making a purchase can save you plenty of trouble and tons of cash. Of course, there is also the added incentive of adding beauty to your bedroom. So, how about getting started on how to pick a quality dresser?

Make sure that the wood of the dresser is kiln-dried and of high quality

If your dresser has a humidity content that is more than 8-12%, then it simply means that it is not made from kiln-dried wood and that makes it an automatic no-no. Never buy a dresser that is not kiln-dried as the wood will very quickly peel off and split making you investment a complete waste. Even if it costs a tad bit more, quality wood will last longer and give your interiors a great look.

Push and pull it a little and test it out thoroughly

A good dresser should not just stand the test of time, but also the test of decent wear and tear. So push and pull the dresser a bit before you buy it. It should not give way or make any squeaking sounds. Also pull out the drawers and see how smoothly they work and if the wood used is consistent throughout.

Check the joints and veneers for quality

All quality dressers should be made out of wood-on-wood joints such as dovetail and doweling joints. If the dresser uses any butt joints or even staples, then you can rest assured that the dresser is not worth taking home as these will not last any considerable period of time. Check for how well the dresser is put together and make sure that the joints are properly in place.

Style and texture to match your home

Obvious focus of your purchase will be regarding how well the dresser goes with your existing furniture. Remember that a contrasting shade in wood, compared to your existing furniture also makes for a good style statement. As long as you are assured of the quality, the color, shades and texture can always be adjusted.

Ensure that the finishing is spot one and scratch-free

The finishing on top of the dresser is a lot more than mere way of improving its looks. It offers durability and protects the wood making sure that your dresser lasts really long. Check for the quality of finish and make sure that it feels nice and smooth when you touch it. Rough and broken finish often indicates poor quality. The edges of the doors and the insides of the drawers should be just as smooth as the other surfaces. Make sure that the quality is constant throughout.

A high quality dresser is an investment that will last a real long time with very little care and it adds a great deal of charm to the space that it adorns. So next time you go shopping for a dresser, remember that there is a lot more involved than just the looks!


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