Why pellet stoves are better than a regular wood burning stove

Why pellet stoves are better than a regular wood burning stove

Although it is difficult to talk about design, home renovations and home and garden improvements without thinking about the money and ultimately the economy, many people are not letting the grey economy from keeping them from making some great purchases for their home.

Instead, the economy is making many people become innovative in the choices that they are making and it is encouraging them to not only go green but to also save some money along the way.

When it comes to heating, though, many home owners find that they are limited in what they can do. For the first point, most homes are run on some form of fossil fuel. This has meant high costs over the last several years with the rising cost of crude oil and it can be very frightening on how high a heating bill can get.

With the rising costs, many home owners are trying to find alternatives when it comes to heating their homes and one of those ways is with the purchase of a fireplace or a fireplace insert. Since most people don’t want the added aggravation of stocking wood or attaching a chimney, they have opted to use pellet stoves.

What makes a pellet stove so much better than a regular wood burning stove are several things.

  1. They can use a variety of fuels: Pellet stoves were designed to use compressed wood chip pellets to heat your space but pellet stove owners have quickly realized that the pellet stoves not only burn pellets efficiently but they also burn corn, wheat husks and other biodegradable waste.
  2. Smaller venting: Many wood burning stoves will require a chimney to be installed in your home but a pellet stove, depending on the model, will only require a 3” hole in an outside wall to provide adequate venting for your pellet stove.
  3. You can purchase freestanding or insert: When it comes to pellet stoves, you have a lot of options. You can purchase freestanding pellet stoves or fireplace inserts to work with an existing fireplace. This leaves you with a lot of options and since the venting is small, you can easily add a pellet stove into your home decor quite easily.
  4. Smaller Carbon Footprint: We are all becoming aware of the term “carbon footprint” and it is beginning to affect the decisions that we make. Generally, pellet stoves produce lower emissions and can leave a smaller footprint than a wood burning stove.

In the end, pellet stoves can provide you with an alternative heat source that can lower the amount that you spend on heating and they can be an attractive addition to any home decor.


  • Daleus January 28, 2009 at 13:19 PMLogin to Reply →

    Pellet stoves may be all that you say they are,
    but where I live, the woodstove is not only a way
    to reduce my oil bill, but also a backup for when
    bad winter weather knocks out power.

    Try running your pellet stove in that situation. A pellet
    stove needs electricity to power the blower (required to
    because the stove can’t maintain combustion on it’s own)
    and also to power the fuel feeder unit (required to feed
    whatever substance you use, into the combustion chamber).

    Yes, a pellet stove can burn a lot of different things but
    I hardly think burning grain or other foodstuffs is very
    appropriate when there are still so many people starving
    in this world.

    Grain is something a lot of people have been burning in
    my industrialized country, because compressed wood pellets
    or pellets made out of waste materials, just aren’t
    available! This will likely change, when pellet manufacturing
    ramps up to demand but I’m still left wondering how “green”
    is the pellet manufacturing process?

    Sorry for me, I sustainably harfvested woodlot and my woodstove
    are still better choice.

  • David January 28, 2009 at 14:13 PMLogin to Reply →

    Interesting article, but shaky on the facts.

    Figures from September 2008, available from the Office of National Statistics
    and the carbon trust disprove the claim that woodburning stoves
    emit more carbon than pellet stoves.www.soliftec.com whilst also
    being far cheaper….

    given the processing of pellets and the huge distances they
    are transported, these two factors alone contribute significantly
    to the higher carbon foot print of pellets.

    its also misleading to say that you can only burn logs, when the
    majority of stoves can run on ecoal and smokeless fuels, peat and
    turf briquettes and also on pellets.

    This is perhaps why there has been a huge increase in demand
    for woodburning and multi fuel stoves and not for pellet stoves

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  • wang in Beijing,China March 1, 2009 at 08:24 AMLogin to Reply →

    If everyone burnt wood log, we would cut down forest.
    There would not be rain forest in the world.
    There would not be oxigen.
    Hummanbeeing would have disapeared in the earth.
    In China we make pellet fuel from agriculture waste, like straw.
    In the past the farmers simply burnt straw in the field.
    The skoke even disturbed landing of air plane.
    All society shall have law to control selfish people to burn forest.

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