Purple Cafe Interior Design by Jan Schreiner

Purple Cafe Interior Design by Jan Schreiner

Jan Schreiner sent us an email to present us a new interior design concept named The Purple Cafe. The name of the new restaurant The Purple Café will not mislead you! The Purple Café with its true symphony of purple, lavender and violet tones represents real chic and a soulful spot that became one of the renowned resting places with timeless excellency for beautiful, often famous, creative, passionate and friendly people to enjoy cocktails, long conversations and just to feel like you are in the center of a special occasion (at the center of events).

“Basic” light unpretentious furniture, designer chairs “J” and space separating branches painted white being a barometer of light vibration attract attention. The color of the textured walls is another prominent cultural reminiscence adding its accent to the restaurant’s entourage. Because of the considerable infusion of the red fuchsine carries large vitalizing energy. Such colors are considered provocative and groovy, “happy” while other violet tones of the interior like lavender create romantic flare.

Humbleness and prestige of the “translucent” interior, easiness and refined aestheticism, purity and consistency of lines, simplicity of perfection are the qualities transforming The Purple Café into the ideal atmosphere – the atmosphere of extravaganza and emotion compromise. It’s the place for a date, a vintage martini, nice music and beautiful people looking for new acquaintances. Attentive service, a wide menu and awesome cocktails are not going to leave even the most demanding gourmet indifferent. A night spent here will be unforgettable. The Purple Café will leave good memories and you would keep coming back again and again!


  • Boomzilla December 19, 2008 at 16:16 PMLogin to Reply →

    Zzzzz. Already been done. The Purple Cafe (http://www.thepurplecafe.com/) in Seattle contains much that is described in this article (especially the food, service, cocktails, level of service). They blend the use of the color purple with other tones to great effect. The renderings here are too, well, purple…

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