The Peaceful Gun Rack Organiser

Stuart Fingerhut is a Los Angeles based designer who came up with this non-violent gun. It’s actually a wall mounted gun rack organiser specifically created to hold your keys, mail and so on in your foyer. What could be more peaceful than a gun that doesn’t fire, has a flock of birds and a little girl swinging on the barrel? He designed it to be a functional art piece.

gr1 The Peaceful Gun Rack Organiser

The gun rack organizer is laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic and can be arranged such that there is more shelf space or to sit closer or further from the wall. You can purchase it either black or white for $100 from the designer’s Etsy Store. – Via

gr2 The Peaceful Gun Rack Organiser

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9 responses to “The Peaceful Gun Rack Organiser” - Add yours!

  1. bakeling said:
    December 5, 2008

    It is not bad to have this harmless gun at home !

  2. Serena said:
    December 7, 2008

    Thanks but no thanks; I’ll stick with my real gun.

  3. name said:
    December 8, 2008

    This is painful. It’s one of those pieces that screams, ‘I’m trying desperately hard to be trendy and make a statement.’ Unfortunately, it’s a major failure. Tacky.

  4. reuben said:
    December 9, 2008


    It’s not bad to have any gun at home! Guns are not bad, not evil, not corrupt. They are simply tools made of wood, steel and plastic and are thus incapable of being evil.

    It’s the user that is bad or good.

    If he’d dump the kid on the swing and the flock of birds, I’d buy one. Make a profile of an AR and I’d buy one of each for my gun room.

    A fine toothed saw would easily remove the swing and birds.

  5. Cargosquid said:
    December 10, 2008

    I agree with Breda over at The Breda Fallacy:

    I think it’s a great symbol!

    Peace through superior firepower.

  6. Clint said:
    December 14, 2008

    They call it a “gun rack”??? A gun rack holds *guns*. A “rack that looks like a gun” is not the same thing; it is…

  7. Clint said:
    December 14, 2008

    BTW, It is wrong for calling it a”gun rack” when it clearly is not. Have some designer art on a gun theme is cool, unless the overriding politics/underling message is “beat your swords into plowshares…SOON!”

  8. December 17, 2008

    You should have BOTHa plow AND a sword, or you’ll wind up plowing for the guy WITH the sword for free.

  9. Sharyl Bagu said:
    February 7, 2011

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