Rotating UFO-Homes: Solaleya Domes

Rotating UFO-Homes: Solaleya Domes

If you guys are into science fiction here’s something for you. Apparently a company called Solaleya is buidling rotating UFO-homes. Even though I would have expected them to fly do a looping or some other aerobatic maneuvers, I’m good with knowing that it’s a highly sustainable and eco-friendly house. It has a small mechanical structure in the base that gently rotates it to make sure those solar panels on the roof are getting the most sun energy.

Back to bing serious, the Solaleya Domes are made of FSC-certified wood, are insulated with cork and have a structure that will withstand category 5 hurricanes and earthquakes up to magnitude 8 on the MSK scale (in case you wondered). Wouldn’t it be cool to lift off when a hurricane is being announced? You betcha! – via Inhabitat


  • douns October 15, 2008 at 17:44 PMLogin to Reply →

    I visited the one in NY… the video is a good tease but does not give it justice. these homes are truly amazing. they offer som much appealing attributes than traditional homes. I am definitely planning on building one.

  • Alex October 15, 2008 at 18:39 PMLogin to Reply →

    I have always loved dome homes, this is an very nice way of expanding upon that idea.

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