Hidden Tap Faucet, a Possible Future for the Old Faucets

Hidden Tap Faucet, a Possible Future for the Old Faucets

The Hidden Tap by Jalmer Moorman is a new idea that uses a sensor to follow your hands and dispense water. As you move your hands from left to right under the faucet, water goes from hot to cold just like a regular tap. This “faucet” is an interesting technology that who knows in future maybe it will replace the actual faucets. To see how this new idea works check the video below, I’m sure you’ll want one after you’ll see the video. – Via


  • JUST COOL Design Blog July 8, 2008 at 23:35 PM Login to Reply →

    funny, i just posted about tap water on my blog today – not a tap like this because how could you fill a glass with water using a tap like this. however i think it is a very cool design

  • DC July 9, 2008 at 13:06 PM Login to Reply →

    The idea of sensor faucet is not new, tested a while a go some of these.
    There is problem, they aren’t that good with home use.
    They work fine in public places where you don’t want to touch same areas like all the poeple.
    But in you home are tricky, need to hold the position of the hand: up is hot, down is cold, can’t do that many moves, washing with soap or shaving is a pain, you can’t set how much water to flow, can’t let is flow, if the sensor goes crazy it’s hard to close and much more.

    Still a nice concept to look at.

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  • MEEP October 15, 2008 at 21:05 PM Login to Reply →

    that is soooo cool

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